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Fuel your passion

Cristina Otero invites you to participate in an exciting experience in which you will learn about her editing work method and her way of creating an artistic session. Cristina will help you establish your own style and take your personal brand to the next level. Each of us has a unique inner richness, full of complexity and beauty. Bring it out, replenish it. Create.


In this course, Cristina will show her entire pre and post session’s creative process, placing special emphasis on the editing section. Cristina will solve all your doubts, giving 100% of herself and without keeping anything back.

We will also talk about lighting (natural and studio), explaining how to work with light and understand it to create impressive photographs, that will also help you speed up the post-processing  process. Lighting becomes our friend once we know how to play with it, and in this workshop we will clear up any doubts. Similarly, color is almost as important. Therefore, in this workshop we will also take time to talk about colorimetry and the symbolism of color.

The most intense and longest section will be post-processing, where we will see and analyze the entire editing process of an image:

  • Lightroom:
    • RAW processing
    • Light editing
    • Saving
  • Photoshop:
    • Skin smoothing: Frequency Separationf and Dodge & Burn techniques
    • Color correction: skin, make-up, atrezzo…
    • Make-up cleaning
    • Liquify tool
    • Lighting: lights and shadows
    • Color tone
    • Pictorial/dramatic effect
    • Composition
    • Saving: printing, web, digital
You will also receive a Certificate of Participation after the course has ended.


Day: June 27th

Hours: 5PM – 9PM

  •  5PM-6PM
    • Course introduction
    • Personal style
    • Color Theory
    • Lighting Theory
  • 6PM-9PM
    • Lightroom & Photoshop
* This is an approximate schedule. It may vary depending on the concerns and needs of the attendees. There will be a short break between each block.


As it is an online workshop, to carry it out, we will use ZOOM program where all attendees will be able to be connected simultaneously with Cristina, who will be with a webcam, microphone and projecting her computer screen to show what she is doing at all times.  Likewise, students will have the option of activating their webcams and microphones to intervene at any time. This is not mandatory, as there will be a chat where attendees can write their questions and comments.

The link to enter the course will be sent by email two hours before the start. The course will be recorded and sent to all attendees upon completion.

Since it’s an online format, there may be technical problems (Internet crash, problems when entering the class, etc.), Cristina will give her phone number and offer the possibility of entering a WhatsApp group created for holding the workshop in order to resolve any possible inconveniences.



This course will not only give you new technical knowledge and stimulate your imagination and creative approach, it will also push you to create and experiment. Rediscover photography, look at it again with the same eyes as the first time you fell in love with this art.


I had been wanting to attend a Cristina workshop for a long time and I loved it. It was a great experience, a real honor to see how she works and how she plans the sessions from the creative phase to the final editing. She is very close and with a very simple and enjoyable way of teaching. Very inspirational. Totally recommended !!

Marta Martínez

Without a doubt I would repeat whenever I could because you learn a lot and also enjoy it. Thank you very much Cristina for teaching me and sharing your art.

Patricia Aranda

A highly recommended experience, stoking creativity through Cristina's way of working, discovering other points of view, a very complete and productive workshop :), art, sympathy and fun. Highly recommended.